“Thor: The Dark World” Predictions

The official trailer for Thor: The Dark World was released on August 7 as part of Geek Week on YouTube. While it offers few details that weren’t already included in the teaser trailer, it contains a couple clips and one-liners that hint at plot points that I, frankly, would love to see in the movie … however tragic they may be.

5. All of existence will hang in the balance

One of the major flaws with the first Thor film was that the stakes in the third act were so low. The only thing in jeopardy during Thor and Loki’s climactic fight was Jotunheim, an inhospitable realm populated by frost giants whom viewers were intended to dislike. While I appreciate the moral ambiguity of such a climax, it wasn’t particularly riveting. So, I like that Jane’s line (1:55), “the very fabric of reality could be torn apart” indicates that’s that the events in Thor: The Dark World will determine the fate of, not only earth and Asgard, but of all existence. These are by far the highest stakes in any Marvel film thus far and I’m excited to see how Malekith can possibly pose such a threat.

4. Malekith showed Loki how to travel without the Bifrost

Ever since Loki’s vague reference to “secret paths between the worlds to which even [Heimdall is] blind” in Thor, I’ve hoped for some elaboration. Thor’s line to Heimdall (1:13) that they face an enemy “known only to one” (immediately followed by a shot of Loki) establishes that Malekith and Loki clearly have some sort of history. While it’s possible that Loki encountered Malekith during his yearlong absence between Thor and The Avengers, it would serve the continuity of the franchise better if Malekith is revealed to be the one who first taught Loki how to navigate those “secret paths.”

3. Loki turns Jane over to Malekith 

Alright, nobody trusts Loki. We didn’t need to hear about the San Diego Comic-Con footage to know that he betrays Thor in this movie. However, I’m not sure it was quite as obvious that Loki would hurt Jane as well. When Clevver Movies reported last October that Jane becomes possessed by a  dark spirit in the film, it didn’t seem like the sort of thing that Loki would be involved in. And yet, the shot at 1:47 reveals Loki standing within a circle of dark elves looking on as Malekith lifts Jane into the air. Presumably, Loki’s grisly betrayal of Thor takes place just prior to this. What motivates Loki to turn Jane over to Malekith (beyond his desire to piss off his brother) is yet to be seen.

2. Frigga will die

Clevver Movies reported that this might happen but the clip of Frigga fighting a dark elf (1:45-1:46) seemingly confirms the rumor that Thor and Loki’s mother will not survive the movie. Though the condoling line (1:37) “Thor, your bravery will not ease your pain,” could apply to any major character’s death (or perhaps just Jane’s possession), I maintain that it’s referring to Frigga’s death if only to ensure that #1 comes to pass …

1. Loki will avenge Frigga

Rumors of Loki’s redemption and/or death in Thor: The Dark World have been abuzz on the internet since the movie was in preproduction. In addition to Joss Whedon and Tom Hiddleston‘s recent announcement that Loki won’t be in The Avengers 2, Frigga’s reported death seems to confirm in my mind that Loki will redeem himself (however briefly … there’s a chance he’ll appear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) in the Thor sequel. Frankly, I struggle to imagine a film in which Frigga dies and Loki doesn’t align himself with Thor- at least long enough to avenge her death. Thor established that Frigga was the only member of the family with whom Loki was still on reasonably good terms by the end of the movie. The comic book, Thor: The Dark World Prelude includes a scene in which Frigga embraces Loki upon his return to Asgard and Odin tells Loki that she’s the only reason he hasn’t been executed. It just doesn’t make sense to emphasize Frigga’s relationship with Loki unless her death has an impact on him. My dearest hope is that Loki is at least partly responsible for his mother’s death. This would require him to, for the first time in three movies, take personal accountability for his actions.


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